Jun 17, 2009

What crazy things have your kids done to your dog?

G'day Dog Lovers,

I'm sure that most of your saw the story in the news yesterday about the puppy who got flushed down the toilet. Four-year-old Daniel Blair decided to give his muddy pup a bath, and thought the best way to get him clean would be to put the poor pooch in the toilet and flush.

Miraculously, the pup survived! The tiny Cocker Spaniel was rescued by an employee of a drainage company after being trapped in a sewage pipe for close to four hours. What a lucky escape! Daniel was very upset with the mistake he had made (he was just trying to help, after all) and promised to never do it again.

But this got me thinking about the crazy things kids can do to dogs. When I was younger, we used to love dressing our Lab up in clothes, which he very tolerantly put up with. Other kids like to give their pooches a makeover (with lipstick, eyeliner and the whole shebang) or pretend they're dog is a horse and they're a star in a western movie.

I'd love to hear what sort of crazy things your kids have done to your dog. And just how special are our dogs for putting up with all the (unintentionally rough) treatment they get when we are youngsters?


J said...

when our 2 kids were much younger they tried to dress up our old dog as superman. She very calmly put up with it and then fell asleep in her costume! the photos are priceless.

Anonymous said...

Some kids are so dangerous around dogs. They harasse them and shove their hands in their face, get very rough etc. It's a wonder more kids don't get biutten by the poor dogs they are (not deliberately) hurting. It's up to parents to control their kid's behaviour when dogs are around!!

Lucy said...

I used to pretend to play cowboys and indians with my dog. He played the role of my trusted horsey...