Jul 7, 2009

Save Bruce

G'day Dog Lovers,

Breed specific legislation (BSL) is always a controversial issue in the dog world and it's no different in the case of an Irish dog named Bruce. Bruce is a pitbull-cross who was taken from his family around two years ago under BSL. He never bit or attacked anyone, he did absolutely nothing wrong, but Bruce has been held captive by the Irish SPCA for almost 24 months simply because he is a pitbull cross.

Sadly, Bruce is in imminent danger of being euthanised, so an urgent campaign has been started to try to save this poor dog's life. For more information on how you can help Bruce, go to http://www.examiner.com/x-1513-Philadelphia-Dog-Advocate-Examiner~y2009m7d2-URGENT-Bruce-the-pit-bull-needs-your-intervention

What do you think about BSL? Is it effective at stopping dog attacks? Or is it simply a cruel and unsuccessful approach? Shouldn't we ban the deed, not the breed?


Anonymous said...

More emphasis needs to be put by orgs such as dogs life onto responsible owner and industry behaviour. Almost 6000 cases of major facial surgery of children under five attest to this. These stats have been creeping up in recent times although pet numbers haven't. Try a bit harder. I love dogs but I don't own one, am always having to cope with other peoples. sincerely Bill Pointon

Anonymous said...

Types of dog's should not be banned. It's dumb legislation. What should happen is people should be tested on their capability to care for a dog and not abuse it, like a lot a pit bulls are because they are 'macho.' One of our dogs turned up in our yard and it had obvious signs of being abused by a previous owner. Those people shouldn't have had a dog and neither should the people who use Pit Bulls to be macho. They are the whole problem... not the dog. What's next? The staffy?

Unknown said...

I beleive that some breeds do need a skiled hand and a mature approach to their keeping and breeding. One caanot be blind that some breeds are bred for fighting ( but not all are figting dogs) and that they do need to be kept by expeirenced and mature handlers. I think this is the direction that the pitbulls etc nedd to be driven in. A license for the animal that has a qualifying criteria based around training and restraint, identifying agressive animals, knowing what precautions to take and where to get advice and help. I beleive that most pit bull / Staffy/ Pitty cross owners are blind to what they own or how to handle the animals in question. until they raise their game these breeds will continue to be demonised and destroyed.