Aug 7, 2009

August is Pet Dental Health Month

Hi pet lovers!

Did you know that this month is dedicated to the dental care of our precious pets? Dental disease is a serious condition that can affect everything from your furry friend’s appetite to its behaviour. The condition can also cause bad breath, infection of the gums and serious damage to other organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

According to Dr Mark Westman, a Senior Veterinarian at the Animal Welfare League, dental disease is one of the most frequently diagnosed health problems for pets. In fact, by the age of two, 80 per cent of dogs and 70 per cent of cats have some form of disease.

“Many pet owners may unknowingly cause their pets to suffer discomfort because of lack of understanding about good dental hygiene,” Westman says. “Bad breath is not normal and is one of the first signs to alert owners that their pet may have dental disease and they should pay a visit their local vet.”

To raise more awareness and encourage pet owners to take an active role in keeping their pet's teeth and gums healthy, the Animal Welfare League NSW Vet Clinic is offering free dental checks for the whole month of August. All dental checks include:

- examination of your pet’s teeth and gums
- advice on nutrition
- and a home care plan

A 10% discount off the bill is also available for any pets that require a full surgical dental procedure.

The Animal Welfare League NSW Vet Clinic is located at 45 Herley Avenue, Rossmore. To make an appointment, please call the clinic on (02) 8777 3300.


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