Apr 29, 2010

2010 Pedigree Adoption Drive

G'day Dog Lovers,

Every dog deserves a loving home but sadly over 100,000 unwanted dogs are euthanised in Australia every year. To improve this terrible statistic, Pedigree has partnered with PetRescue to enlist the help of Australians nationwide for the 2010 Pedigree Adoption Drive.

The initiative, which runs from June 4 to July 30, encourages Australians to lend their support by visiting pedigreeadoptiondrive.com.au and either adopting a homeless dog, donating online or buying Pedigree.

Vickie Davy from renowned rescue organisation PetRescue says that, with increased support, initiatives like this can make a real difference. "Rescue dogs are just like any dogs you'd find in pet shop windows - they reflect the popular breeds of the time. Some are puppies whereas others are playful old mates. Most dogs are up for adoption through no fault of their own, which means there is an abundance of happy, healthy dogs across the country, waiting for a second chance. I hope Australians heed the call this year and either adopt, donate or volunteer via the Pedigree Adoption Drive website," she said.

Over the course of three years, the drive has raised over $675,000 towards improving the life of homeless dogs. In 2009 alone, over 3000 dogs were rescued and, in 1010, the drive will seek to home at least 4000 dogs and grow the donation figure by at least another $100,000.

If you'd like to get involved, log on to www.pedigreeadoptiondrive.com.au to adopt, donate or volunteer. For every specially marked Pedigree can or dry food purchased during this period, a donation will be made to PetRescue.


Tom, Melbourne said...

Great initiative, awesome that homeless dogs are getting the attention they truly deserve. There's nothing wrong with most of them and I know rescued dogs show so much love & appreciation for being given a second chance. Well done Pedigree & Pet Rescue!!

Suze said...

Yep - this is a great program that deserves any support you can give it!

ishhu said...

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