Jul 14, 2010

New Competition!

G'day Dog Lovers,

Dogs Life is excited to launch a brand new competition in conjunction with Masterpet Australia.
The competition will run in future issues of the magazine and give your dog a chance to win an awesome hamper of tasty Jerhigh dog treats. Treat your dog to the real chicken meat goodness of Jerhigh Dog Treats, available in a range of delicious flavours to keep your dog coming back for more.Jerhigh is a healthy alternative to highly processed dog treats. Available at Big W, Coles, Franklins, K-mart, Woolworths and pet specialty stores.
All you have to do to enter is tell us in 100 words or less why your dog deserves to be spoilt with these tasty treats. You'll also need to attach a photo of your pooch. Send your entries to dogslife@universalmagazines.com.au
The prize hamper includes:
Jerhigh Chicken Sticks 100g
Jerhigh Chicken Strips 100g
Jerhigh Chicken Cookies 100g
Jerhigh Chicken Salami 100g
Jerhigh Chicken Bacon 100g
Jerhigh Jerky Tenders 100g
Jerhigh Variety Pack 400g
The total value of the hamper is $32.43 RRP.
So what are you waiting for? Enter now!


sarah powedrky said...

well who ever wins that will be a very lucky dog!

healthytails said...

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thomas said...

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Kingston said...

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Mayasmith said...

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