Jul 9, 2010

PAWS Darwin Needs Your Help

G'day Dog Lovers,

I'd like to introduce you to an animal shelter called PAWS Darwin. Established in July 2008, the passionate volunteers that staff this shelter have re-homed close to 1500 animals - that's an amazing statistic!

All animals adopted out are sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped and health checked, as well as being up to date with their flea, tick and heartworm treatments. To discourage impulse buying, anyone looking to adopt a pet must first attend a pet ownership seminar that teaches them about responsible dog ownership.

But PAWS Darwin urgently needs your help! If they don't raise a lot of money soon they will be forced to close their doors. To find out how you can help, log on to www.pawsdarwin.org.au or visit them on Facebook.


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Anonymous said...

That’s such a good act you guys are doing there. I really appreciate it. I will definitely tell my friends about this animal shelter. I will also persuade my parents to buy me a pet from here. That’s because I was able to meet their requirements for achieving outstanding results in my final year. I mean, our deal was if I get a GPA above 2.5, they will grant me anything I ask. So when I showed them my GPA by calculating it in front of them on a GPA calculator online, which was 2.9 (yay!). I will pay a visit to your shelter soon. Until then, can you please forward me your policies?

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