Dec 9, 2010

RSPCA Needs treats and toys

Due to the influx of additional animals being surrendered during the busy festive season, the RSPCA Sydney Shelter is once again experiencing a shortage of treats and toys for the animals in its care. As such, Shelter Staff are asking for donated treats and animal-friendly toys in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

“The summer season, particularly the weeks before and after Christmas, is our busiest time of year,” said Animal Wellbeing Support Coordinator Hannah Burfitt. “RSPCA shelters across NSW will receive nearly three thousand additional animals during this time – this is above and beyond the number of animals that are already in our care,” said Ms Burfitt.

Treats are consumed more rapidly during this time, as they’re used as part of the Shelter’s positive reinforcement training methods with the animals. “We work with the animals on a daily basis, and treats provide a reward system for obedience training,” said Ms Burfitt. “We use toys to provide mental and physical stimulation, but also comfort to animals during their stay in an unfamiliar environment.”

Specifically, the Shelter is in need of dog and cat treats, pet-friendly toys (no beanie toys), blankets, pet beds and kitty litter.

All treats and toys can be dropped off at the Sydney Shelter, located at 201 Rookwood Road in Yagoona, between 9.00am and 8.00pm. Items can also be purchased directly from the Shelter’s retail store (closed Wednesdays) and the RSPCA Care Centre located at the Rouse Hill Town Centre


Unknown said...

WOw....nice dogs..i have a labrador at home but i'd like to buy dog that are guard and don't have the characteristic of hurting the owner coz u heard that pitbull and rotwiler are so bad about when it comes to head lice is there any prevention of it?

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Aww... love the pic. I have a german shepherd and am a huge fan!

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