Jan 25, 2011

PIAA Pet Recovery Fact Sheet – Dogs
How to care for your dog over the next 30 days
· Disease and bacteria is the largest threat to dogs during floods
· Treat your dog for flees, worms and ticks as a priority during floods
· Be aware of the growing numbers of mosquitoes. Owners can use animal repellent or mix
citronella with baby oil. Wipe on lightly to skin surface
· Restrict your dog to dry land and prevent it from playing and living in the flood waters
· Ensure your dog has clean water to drink – drinking flood water can result in sickness such
as diarrhoea and vomiting
· Monitor your dog for any skin irritation
· Regularly wash and clean your dog to limit any disease, especially their paws where they
can easily pick up infections
· Monitor your dog for any distress
· Ensure your dog has shade to relax
· Where possible, ensure your dog gets the daily exercise required
· If you require advice or assistance with your dog, consult your closest vet

For more info visit www.PIAA.net.au


Reptile Crazy said...

Hi this is great! Thanks for the fact sheet.

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